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10 shocking things you never knew about Abortion Pills – Your Doctor will never tell you about #1 & #9

Things you never knew about Abortion Pills: Contraception is a method of indirectly controlling birth measures and make sure that you don’t end up getting pregnant after the act of sex. Though contraception pills have a lot side effects for women, there are also other facts which have come to light after researchers have very carefully examined the prolonged use of such pills. Contraception is just a way to controlling the birth of a baby, or to refrain from having a kid after sex, and in most cases contraception is definitely useful and works successfully.


But the fact that there are very less chances of the contraception failing and not working isn’t the only surprise which could come to couples, there is much more to it. Contraception has been observed to have many different kinds of effects, physical and psychological on men and women, especially women are into the use of pills and other birth control tablets. Because of the modern day pressures of heavy work and family planning measures, it is a wise enough thought to use contraception every time you have sex, but it is equally important to know how its short or long term usage will affect you and your future. Here are the top 10 surprising facts about contraception which are not really known to a lot of people and the knowledge of which is actually important and useful to take the necessary precautions.

1. Risk of getting blinded


Studies have shown the women who are on the prolonged use of birth control and contraceptive pills for at least three years have higher chances of developing glaucoma and thus developing the risk of getting blind after a certain period of time. Even researchers all around the world have not been able to examine as to how the use of birth control pills lead to the risk of glaucoma, but it certainly does as estrogen levels also affect the risk of glaucoma in a great way.



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