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Recent list of the 10 most adulterous countries in the world – See which country is #1

9) United Kingdom (36 %)

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People residing in the UK are at the lower end of the European infidelity rate. This is one evidence of Anglo-Saxon Puritanism in the UK views of morality. Also about half the respondents who had cheated regret their actions. However, only common people were surveyed. If the affairs of the members of the Royal family were to be included, UK would have moved a few notches up.


8) Spain (39 %)


Even though Spanish women are hot, Spain is in the bottom five in this list because many people in Spain are religious. They adhere to conventions that discourage extramarital affairs. Many Spaniards are Catholics, so it is natural for them to frown upon adultery. However looking at the high divorce : marriage ratio of over 60, one can guess that people are ending one relationship before starting another.



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