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The 20 most convincing photos of ghosts ever taken – #9 will give you the creeps (See Photos)

19. A Lady Takes Flight with a Creepy Co-Pilot

During a 1987 trip to the Fleet Air Arm Station in England, a group of friends was having fun and taking photographs. A woman by the name of Mrs. Sayer was encouraged to sit inside of a helicopter to pose for a picture. When the picture was developed, it became clear that Sayer wasn’t alone. A man in a white shirt can clearly be seen sitting beside her in the cockpit. All members of the group said that no one else was in the helicopter, and Sayer herself said that it felt cold inside of the helicopter, even though it was very warm elsewhere.

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18. A Ghost or an Angel?

In 1988, a 58-year-old woman named Rose Benvenutowas involved in a car accident in New York. The car accident was so bad, many wondered how she even survived. A police photographer by the name of Sharon Boo was on the scene to take photos of the damage. She took photographs from all angles of the car to show the damage. When the photos were developed, one stood out. In one image, taken of the front end of the car, a white figure is shown. While some believe that this is a ghost, others, including the woman involved in the accident, think that this was a guardian angel.



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