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The 20 most convincing photos of ghosts ever taken – #9 will give you the creeps (See Photos)

9. A Grandfather Pays His Family a Visit

One of the more recent ghost photographs was taken in 1997. A woman by the name of Denise Russell decided to take a picture of her grandmother. Russell and her sister visited the woman’s assisted living home for a picnic and snapped the shot, which they even shared with family members. However, upon examining the photo, a man is clearly standing behind the woman. While this might not seem too strange at first, Russell and her family claim it looks identical to her grandfather. The only problem is that he passed away in 1984, several years before this photo was taken.

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8. Ghost Rejoins His Squadron


This photo was originally taken in 1919 but did not come to attention until 1975 when it was shown by retired officer Sir Victor Goddard. The photo is a group shot of his squadron, and it includes all members, including a man by the name of Freddy Jackson. The only problem? Jackson had been killed two days before the picture was taken. The air mechanic was killed by an airplane propeller before the shot was taken. However, in the back row of the photo, a white, ghostly face that members of the squadron claim resembles Jackson hovers, making those who see the photo wonder if he made one last return to his squadron.

7. Ghost with a Dead Woman’s Face Visits St. Botolph’s


A picture was taken of the inside of St. Botolph’s Church in London back in 1982. When the photo was developed, the photographer was shocked to see a ghostly apparition sitting in the loft of the church. Upon closer investigation, it appeared to be a woman standing in the loft. Only a handful of people were in the church at the time the photograph was taken and none had gone into the loft area. When the picture was shown to others, a builder of the church said that he recognized the face of the figure as a woman that he had seen in a coffin there at her funeral.



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