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15 horrible facts Dubai does not want the world to know about – This will leave you in utter shock (With Pics)

4. Sonapur – The Labor Camp In Dubai

Sonapur is a small neighborhood in Dubai which you probably don’t know. I mean, despite the fact that Sonapur means “Land of Gold” in Hindu, it has nothing to do with gold. In contrary, Sonapur is the home of all the poor labor workers in Dubai. Over the years, it became the labor camp which attracts more and more semi-slaves from the third-world countries. According to estimations, over 150,000 laborers are living (surviving) in Sonapur under the unbearable conditions. Eight (or more) workers usually share one tiny room, hundreds share one bathroom, and they are also lucky if they get any food on a given day. On top of that, those people have to work long hours every day because… because they have no other choice.

How Dubai solves this problem? Well, they don’t think it is any kind of problem as long as laborers build fancy hotels and skyscrapers. So yeah, they do nothing with their legal labor camp which is barely better than the Gulags.



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