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15 horrible facts Dubai does not want the world to know about – This will leave you in utter shock (With Pics)

3. Wild Animals Are Not That Wild In Dubai

People in Dubai have so much money that they don’t know where to spend it anymore. Some buy golden cars; others swim in the pools full of dollar bills. Don’t get me wrong – that is alright as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. However, it is trending in Dubai to own a wild animal. The sheiks are not happy with dogs and cats anymore, so they just buy themselves a tiger, panther, leopard, lion, or any other exotic animal. Of course, this is not The Walking Dead, and the sheiks are not as good with wild animals as King Ezekial. Naturally, many animals suffer in Dubai just because rich men want to show-off amongst their buddies.

Of course, many people around the world think that it is something cool to have a tiger as a pet, but in reality, wild animals are supposed to be in the wild. You can be as rich as you want, but it is impossible to change the law of nature.



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