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15 horrible facts Dubai does not want the world to know about – This will leave you in utter shock (With Pics)

14. Prison For Kissing In Public

People in Dubai are mostly Muslims, and that means that the rules, especially the ones regarding intimacy, are extremely strict. I know that all the cool pictures from Dubai can trick us into believing that it is a very liberal place, but that is the biggest mistake that a person can make before going to Dubai. I mean, it is even illegal to hold your partner’s hand in public. Tourists who disobey this rule pay huge fines. If those tourists decide to become real rebels and kiss, they might even face some prison time. It is plain stupid, but it is the way the world works in the UAE. Needless to say, having a sexual intercourse with your partner before marriage is a serious crime in Dubai. Many locals try to hide their bedroom business and choose to break the law for some pleasure. However, doing so in Dubai you can never know if your girlfriend will get knocked up or locked up.



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