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15 horrible facts Dubai does not want the world to know about – This will leave you in utter shock (With Pics)

11. Dubai Will Fail Miserably When There’s No More Oil

It is not so hard to build a paradise in the middle of nowhere as long as you have a lot of black gold. Yes, we all know that the Middle East region depends heavily on oil, and it is the only thing that carries them. However, people in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, seem to forget that nothing lasts forever. In 20 years, there will either be not enough oil or its price will be so high that people will shift to other energy sources. What will happen to Dubai then? Well, they will have close to zero dollars to pay for all their costs. In other words – the bubble of Dubai will explode. This city will become nothing more than an example of how to waste your money without thinking about the consequences. And the world is a funny place, where you cannot run from the consequences of your actions even if you are the richest man on Earth.



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