We all are also aware of the fact that Tonto is bi-sexual. This brings us to how she keeps praising her partner; Yutee “I left my house with nothing,Yutee gave me clothes,money and shelter till I got an apartment; right now I owe it all Yutee,she has been my life saver”.

In the same interview where she told us she’s born again but forgot to tell us about her sizzling romance with Yutee. It’s confirmed that Tonto is officially back to the Drugs and Lesbianism Life which was one of the reasons she fled her matrimonial home.

They had since been smoking together and practicing lesbianism in Tonto’s matrimonial bed at every opportunity when her ex-husband travels out.

Kokun is just a pun in their ( Tonto and yutee’s) plan to take of public attention from their atrocities and gross misconduct as married women shamefully engaging an amorous affair with one another. Unapologetic show off shame is what this looks like but you can only hide…And that too is for a matter of time.

This Tea Was From A Source Close To The Two Lovebirds. Need I remind these lovers that Lesbianism Carry’s 14 years imprisonment sentence according to the Criminal Code Of Nigeria.

Source: NaijaLoaded

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