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11 very easy ways to avoid falling in love with someone – #7 is the real deal!

Avoid falling in love: Find yourself falling uncontrollably in love with the wrong person?! Use these 13 ways to avoid falling in love if you surely know it’s wrong for you! When you start to like someone, you don’t actually fall in love with them instantly. The feeling you experience is infatuation. And infatuation, as much as it feels like an inescapable wall that blocks your view from everything else, will eventually fade. Most of us who have a crush on someone end up falling more in love with each passing day, not because we’re so helplessly drawn towards than person, but because we voluntarily choose to let that person sink their hooks deeper into our heart.


Falling in love and its confusions

Sometimes, it’s easy to be confused. A friend or a coworker could be charming and sweet, and before you know it, you may be having an emotional affair with them, or worse, falling head over heels in love with them even though every molecule in your body could be screaming out that you’re going down the wrong path.

And then you try to stop yourself, but each time you try, it only hurts you more.

And finally, you choose to give up fighting, and wallow in self pity and misery because you’re in love with someone who’s just so wrong for you, or someone who may never ever love you back the way you love them.

But the truth is, you’re still the one who’s in control of your own life and your own heart. You can choose to walk away from love instead of falling deep in it if you truly choose to.

Step #1 Is it such a bad idea?

So you’ve made up your mind that falling in love with a particular person, be it a friend or a colleague, is a bad idea.

But what’s your real motive behind walking away. If you want to get over someone and have their hooks loosened from your heart, you need to be very clear about why you choose to let go.

Weigh the pros and the cons. Do you think a long term relationship is impossible? Is there something about this person that just isn’t acceptable by you? Are they dating someone else, or perhaps, already married with kids?

If you want to avoid falling in love with someone, or want to stop loving someone, you need to be very clear about the reasons behind why you’re doing it. 



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