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Dangote, Otedola & More, Here is how Nigeria’s top billionaires & multimillionaires enjoy their money

Money makes the world go round. In Nigeria, this can never be truer. Even with the myriad of possibilities in the country, it takes a whole lot for you to actually say you are wealthy and successful. It usually requires a lot of persistence, hard work, and proper use of your derived relationships and network. Hence, when you become ascribed to the crew of the truly wealthy, you also need to know how to play hard. For the Nigerian billionaires, however, ‘play’ is on a totally different level.


They spend their cash like true professionals in the game. Luxury is at its extreme and their way of life is over the top high. Still, it still is a wonder how Nigerian richest man and women actually chill with their monies. Surely it cannot be the same way regular people have fun…or can it? Inasmuch as each billionaire or multi-millionaire has his or her own preferences, there are a few things that most of them do for fun similarly.

In our opinion, here are the commonest ways the truly wealthy in Nigeria have fun with their cash.

  • Huge Parties

One way that the wealthy have fun, is by throwing huge and expensive parties. Being that Africans are naturally flamboyant, it is no surprise that the rich also get in on it. From private yacht parties, to expensive events, and to even sponsoring the biggest wedding and even burials. They know how to throw the biggest high society parties and we are not surprised.



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