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How to flirt with your lover through text messages – Read this to become a PRO!

How to flirt: Texting is one of the most common modes of communication couples use, which begs the question: how does it affect your romance? Find out with these facts! Nobody expected texting to be such a big deal. It was designed to be a convenient way to communicate with the people in your life, but now it’s turned into a whole subculture. Because of all the attention it’s gained, people are now studying how texting plays into relationships. Good thing they did, because millions of single and non-single people are asking, “What is up with texting?”


The concept of texting didn’t peak until the early 2000’s. That was when cell phone companies started offering texting with their service plans.

Flash forward to a good decade and a half later, where emojis are now the norm, and calls have become almost obsolete. Now that we’re here in the age of texting, the differences in communication and how they affect us have provided more data than we could ever have dreamed of.

And what did we do with that data? What else, but find out why it matters and what we can do to use it wisely—especially for our relationships.

Texting facts for the modern dater

That being said, we’ve compiled a list of facts that might interest you and help you improve how you deal with your relationships and communication.

#1 Married couples text less as their relationship progresses. Don’t freak out. That’s a good thing! It means that they’re communicating more in person than they are through social media and their phones.

#2 Too much texting can be bad for your relationship. Relax. You can still talk to teach other everyday, but the research says that incessantly texting about things that are of no consequence can take its toll on your relationship. Stick to actual conversations and not silence fillers.



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