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How to flirt with your lover through text messages – Read this to become a PRO!

#7 Men don’t like being texted while at work. This could be because men consider work one of their highest priorities. When you text about useless things while they’re at work, they see it as a hindrance rather than an act of affection. For women, it might not be as annoying, but the same goes for them when their partners text unnecessarily.

#8 Using one-word texts like “k,” “fine,” and “good,” without capitalization or punctuation is a turn-off. Isn’t it always? Using this as a passive aggressive way to start a fight is also one of the markers of an unhappy relationship.

#9 Too much intense and flirty texting can scare away a person. This only counts when you just started dating—i.e. after the first date, or before you even see each other in person. Men and women find overly affectionate strangers to be tiresome, annoying, and—dare we say—creepy. 

#10 Texting during a date is a signal for most people to bolt. It’s rude, impolite, boorish…I could go on and on, but anyone who sees a person texting at the table will be put off by the act.

#11 People aged 17 to 25 text their significant others more than older individuals. Seems legit, considering a lot of younger people have more time on their hands and have very little self-control over their indulgence in gratuitous things like texting.



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