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Top 5 Foreign television series Nigerians overhype – Fans of #1 and #5 are the most annoying

Away from the hustle and away from life’s worries. We tend to ease stress by entertaining ourselves with television series. When you are deeply amused by Tonto Dike’s marriage theatrics, you may forget that the person sitting beside you has body odour. Movies and series are one guilty pleasure for those who indulge. They spend late nights or weekends to ensure they catch up with their beloved shows. So just because we love TV and movies too and we enjoy trolling the people that share this our guilty pleasure.


Let’s run through the top 5 TV series that we Nigerians love to overhype.

1. Game of Thrones

We know anything other than profound praise is taken as sacrilege when it comes to Game of Thrones. So before you come for my head, hear me out first. Game of thrones recently dominated the screens and social media. Nigerians are downloading pirated copies and sharing with their friends. Everyone is talking about winter. Winter is coming they say. First of all, the rave was about the Lannisters, then Jon snow and now Arya Stark or is it Tyrion the dwarf. Ah, let us not forget about Daenerys mother of dragons.

After crying about the loss of one character, we always find a way to latch onto another. It is not surprising therefore that for the past two weeks, almost everyone is talking about the 7th season of GOT. Banners, graphics, and even memes are trolling the internet. It got so bad that even haters took to twitter to boast on how they had not watched a single episode. But abeg who that one epp? What is it about GOT that is making people stay so faithful?



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