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5 key ways to get more customers for your business – #4 and #5 works like magic

Get more customers: Getting customers sometimes isn’t always romantic. Sometimes it can be all hustle. If you stop and think about the price you’re paying to bring in added shoppers in terms of time or money, you can start to make better decisions about how and where to put those resources. The practice is especially important for new business owners who tend to not only have more limited means, but also don’t generally register a profit from a new customer until the fifth of sixth purchase. And without a stable of customers to tap for repeat purchases, being more careful about where you ply your limited resources can only serve you.


Let’s get through 5 ways you can get more customers.

1. Paid Advertising
This involves utilising platforms to acquire customers. It can be online or offline, they include online ads, print ads, billboards etc. You must very specific with your ads and know why you’re setting it up, whether it’s for brand awareness, lead generation or making sales. Also be specific with your target market online in terms of age range, interests and more. Always monitor your ads to see what’s working and what’s not.



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