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The 9 most intriguing bridge designs in the world – You won’t believe #2 & #3 are man made(With Pics)

Most beautiful bridges: Ever since the dawn of time man has been trying to cross things – oceans, mountains, deserts. It’s in our blood. Of course those are far bigger than anything we’ll see today. Crossing a river with a bridge can’t be all that exciting…or can it? With record breaking achievements, award winning designs, outstanding architecture, and rich history we are about to cross 9 of the world’s most unique bridges.


9. Living Root Bridges, State of Meghalaya, India

Found throughout Northeast India, these unique bridges are literally alive! They are made by hand from the roots of rubber trees which are guided through tree trunks that have been deliberately positioned across narrow bodies of water until the roots reach the opposite side. It can take as long as a decade-and-a-half to complete and the most durable ones can last for centuries as the roots strengthen and regenerate themselves.



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