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How to impress a girl on a first date – Do these and you have won her!

#12 Take it slow. If you find halfway through the date that you do really like her and want something more, don’t start being too pushy or acting sleazy. I’ve had many a date that started out great. Then, it spiralled into the guy trying to coerce me back to his place. If you take it slow, chances are she’ll be more interested in getting to know you on a second date.

#13 Don’t sit in silence. Comfortable, temporary pauses aren’t bad, just make sure you don’t sit for extended periods in awkward silence. Be confident and strike up a conversation or share a witty joke to break the ice. It loosens the atmosphere and hopefully makes her smile. 

#14 Put your phone away. If you spend most of the night constantly checking your phone, or whatsapping your friends, you completely turn her off. No one likes being on a date with someone who’d rather be on social media than engage with them. Be attentive—update your status once you get home.

#15 Avoid all the first date no-nos. If you want to secure a second date there are certain things you must make sure you go nowhere near. The main ones: don’t be rude to the wait staff, don’t tell sexist jokes, don’t give back-handed compliments, and don’t have poor table manners. These are all things to avoid in general life anyway. Definitely don’t make them a habit when you go on dates. 



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