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10 Subtle body language moves to appear more confident – #2 and #8 will help you go far in life

Confidence is never out of style, and it’s your golden ticket to the dating scene. Learn how you can exude confidence with your body in 10 easy steps! Confidence – it’s something both men and women claim to be a huge turn on in a partner, yet so many people are lacking it! Confidence is key when it comes to landing your dream job, or acing your first night out with your dream date. It’s the crucial traits in being able to talk to your crush or being able to speak in front of a crowd.


The thing about confidence is that although not everyone has it, it can be quite easy to imitate. You may not be completely secure in who you are, and that’s okay. But you can still appear confident based on how you walk, how you talk, and how you present yourself.

How to appear naturally confident

If you’re not a naturally confident person, don’t sweat it, there are plenty of things you can do to fake it until you make it. No, we won’t have you reading affirmations every morning before work. Instead, take a look at these 10 easy steps to seeming more confident in any social situation!

#1 Don’t cross your arms. You’ve probably read this before, but crossing your arms is a sign to the world that you’re unapproachable! Crossing your arms brings your body inwards and makes you appear defeated. According to Harvard Business researcher Amy Cuddy, this position also lowers your testosterone levels and actually raises your stress levels! While this may seem like a comfortable, go-to pose at parties, know it’s better in the long run to.



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