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6 reasons why students from Nigeria prefer to study abroad – #2 is the worst


Reasons why students from Nigeria prefer to study abroad: The rate at which Nigerian students relocate abroad to study has continually been on the increase. Every year has witnessed a significant rise in the numbers of students migrating abroad for education despite the huge costs of financing such moves. Students who leave Nigeria to study abroad are usually there for either their undergraduate or post graduate programs. The United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Eastern Europe and a few Asian countries are usually the most sought after destinations for Nigerian students.


Also, Ghana and some other African countries have also become destinations for Nigerian students studying abroad.

6 Reasons why Nigerian students prefer to study abroad

The high flow of Nigerian students studying abroad has been attributed to the poor state of education in the country. Nigeria’s tertiary institutions are very much under funded. Also, corruption in the government and the educational system has also slowed down the growth of Nigerian institutions. Another major problem is the inability of the nation’s institutions to accommodate it’s continuously rising population.

All these and many more reasons which will be duly highlighted in the article are the motives for the constant migration of Nigerian students.

1. Low quality of Nigerian higher institutions

Nigerian institutions lacks the capability to compete with top institutions around the world in terms of standard and quality. This is simply because institutions in Nigeria are poorly funded and therefore cannot meet up with the demands. As a matter of fact, Nigerian universities have always struggled to accommodate students in dear need of tertiary education. According to statistics provided by jamb in its official website. In 2015, only  415,500 out of 1,428,379 applicants were admitted into various universities in the country. This leaves out over a million applicants without admission.

Also, lack of conducive and quality learning facilities, deplorable state of infrastructures, lack of qualified lecturers, corruption, poor social welfare packages for students among many others are some of the many problems that have contributed to the low quality of Nigerian higher institutions and it has also inevitably led to the migration of Nigerian students to higher institutions abroad.

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