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Unique Yoruba names you can choose for your baby boy and girl and their meaning

Yoruba names are unique mainly because they carry powerful meanings. It is believed that the name will have an impact on the destiny of the child or family. Below is a list of Yoruba names and meaning. You will find some that you are probably used to and also some uncommon Yoruba names. In Yoruba land, when parents give birth to their children, they carefully select the names these children will carry all their lives. There are many factors that contribute to the name given to a child.


Unique Yoruba namesThe type of family e.g. royal family, events that occurred or still happening around the time of the child’s birth, circumstances surrounding the birth, the kind of destiny they want for the child, e.t.c. Also, there are some common prefixes and suffixes or word that can be commonly found in Yoruba names. They include:

  • Ade or Oye – Ade means crown and it is a prefix before names of most children born into a royal lineage.
  • Ayo – used to signify joy
  • Oluwa or Olu – Meaning God
  • Ola – Means wealth
  • Odun – used for children born in a festive season.

Yoruba names and their meaning

Yoruba names are also classified into categories. We have:

  • Destiny names – In the Yoruba language, they are referred to as “Oruko Amutorunwa”
  • Acquired Names – In the Yoruba language, they are referred to as “Oruko Abiso”
  • Panegyrics – In the Yoruba language, they are referred to as “Oriki”
  • Oruko Abiku – Names given to a child born after successive deaths of previous children.

We have decided to create a long list of Yoruba names and their meaning in order to meet all your needs. These names have been categorised separately for boys and girls for your convenience.

Yoruba names for babies

Yoruba female names

1. Aanuoluwakiishi: This name means God’s mercy doesn’t fade away or end.

2. Abifoluwa: Meaning Born for God.

3. Abimbola: Meaning Born into wealth

4. Abisola: Born into a wealthy family.

5. Abosede: This name is giving to girl born on the first day of the week.

6. Adebimpe: The crown gave birth to me.

7. Adebisi: We’ve added to the crown.

8. Adebola: The crown meets with wealth.

9. Adedayo: The crown becomes joy.

10. Adelola: The crown has wealth.

11. Ademuyiwa: The crown brought this.

12. Adepeju: The crown is full of honour.

13. Aderonke: The crown has something to pamper.

14. Adesanya: Reward my suffering.

15. Adesewa: The crown makes beauty or the crown of beauty.

16. Adesola : The crown makes wealth

17. Adetoke: The crown should be handled honourably

18. Adetola : The crown is worthy of wealth

19. Adetutu: The crown is soothing/gentle

20. Adewemimo: The crown washed me clean



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