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10 celebs who looked better before they became rich and famous – Nicki Minaj was way prettier (With Pics)

She was no doubt the most popular girl in school and was every boy’s crush. She looks amazing now, but she looked naturally flawless back then. Looks like she still liked to put some work in to look good, but I’d say it was her best year yet. In fact, almost all of the Kardashians looked better before they became “The Kardashians.” Looking back, you’d hardly recognize them without all of the money they put into their new looks. They looked like a normal, everyday family.

6. Nicki Minaj Was Once Natural But Still Smokin’

This one here is a given. Nicki Minaj has a bum that never ends and lips that rival Angelina Jolie’s. Tons of people find her attractive, but if you ask us, she had it going on before. This little rapper had big dreams when she was young and she ended up accomplishing them. But sometimes, the humility in the eyes of a young person who is not yet famous makes them all that much more appealing.

There’s something about her as a teen that you just want to love. With all the controversy that she rides on, it’s nice to see something that could not be controversial at all. It is shocking to see her sweet, young face and natural body. The woman has become very successful, but would she have been if she had kept her old look? It’s a tough question to answer since being wild seems to get people’s attention.



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