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10 celebs who looked better before they became rich and famous – Nicki Minaj was way prettier (With Pics)

5. Amy Winehouse Was Once Pretty And Carefree

The tragic tale of Amy Winehouse broke millions of hearts. Some people can handle fame and some cannot. Amy was one of those who most definitely could not. The singer was talented and beautiful, but with so many problems, fame, along with her addiction, ended up killing her. As a young artist, she was fresh and clean, but the longer she was famous, the worse it got for her. Her smiles were tense, her laugh was strained, and most of all, her mind was focused on nothing but her addiction.

In her last years, she had become lost, depressed, and a shell of who she used to be. But looking back at her before she was famous lets us see that yes, she did have good times. She was once a happy ray of sunshine to everyone she met. In honor of Amy, let’s remember her as the sunshine rather than the darkness.



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