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10 countries it’s easy to get their VISA – #3 & #6 is so very sure

2. Mexico

Nothing could be easier than getting permanent leave to remain in Mexico. No, really. Just rock up to the airport/border, and ask to buy an FMM visa. Provided you don’t intend to do any work, the FMM visa allows you to remain in Mexico for 6 months. At that point, you can renew it for another 6 months. Then renew it again. And again. And again, and so on until you finally drop dead. How much does this marvelous, life-changing visa cost? The princely sum of… um, $21.

That’s a lay out of $42 a year to legally kick back in a country of pristine beaches, world class cities, gorgeous colonial towns, and mountain scenery like something out of a dream. Sure, you’re probably gonna need an income to go along with that, but fear not! There are roughly a bazillion Mexican temporary residency visas you can cheaply upgrade to, including some designed for artists, sports players, scientists and retirees.

All of which just leaves one thing to discuss: the drugs. Yeah, Mexico is in quite a grim place at the moment, with the Drug War having killed tens of thousands in the last decade. Whether you think the risk is worth it is up to you; not everywhere is affected, and some towns are essentially drug-violence free. Just maybe make sure not to do any drugs while you’re there, huh?  

1. Svalbard (Norway)

Say whaaaat? You’re telling us that Norway is the easiest country on Earth to move to? The same Norway that requires those who want permanent residency – not even citizenship – to study Norwegian for 250 hours and complete 50 hours of ‘social studies’? That Norway?

Well, actually buddy, no. Not quite. The archipelago of Svalbard (pop: 2,642) is indeed part of Norway, but in the same way that Puerto Rico is part of the US, or Greenland is part of Denmark. A whole lot of important things have been devolved to the Svalbard administration in Longyearbyen, from gun control, to environmental issues, to emergency services, and the issuing of marriage certificates. One of the things that has been devolved is immigration, and Svalbard works on a very different system to Norway. There is no visa regime on Svalbard at all. Literally anyone can move there and settle down without the need for a permit.


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