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10 reasons why girls never want to be with you – #6 and #8 could turn you to a Prince Charming

#3 She’s trying to figure things out. She likes you, but she’s trying to grasp onto the railings, if you get what I mean. Maybe this was unexpected and now she’s off balance. She just needs to figure out if this is what she wants and how this relationship will work for her. In this case, she needs time to adjust. Communicate openly with her.

#4 She isn’t feeling the same way. She went on a couple dates with you, tried it out, but she’s not into you like that. Sure, she thinks you’re nice and a good person, but for her, you’re missing something. This doesn’t mean you miss something, you are who you are, but you’re not for her. She knows that, hence, why she’s pulling away from you.



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