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10 reasons why girls never want to be with you – #6 and #8 could turn you to a Prince Charming

#5 She’s not sure. She likes you, but she’s just not sure if you’re the one she wants to date. I know, it’s harsh to read that, but it happens. She tests you out and if she pulls away, maybe you’re not the one for her. Which, on the bright side, is good that you found out now.

This has probably happened to you as well, maybe you liked a girl, but not enough to be exclusive with her. Right now, this is what’s happening.

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#6 You’re not being patient. One of the biggest reasons why women pull away is because you’re rushing things too quickly. She likes you, you like her, but you’re already looking for the ring, and it’s only the second date. You need to slow it down and take a breath.

If you’re too impatient, she feels it and that makes someone uncomfortable very easily. So, just try to enjoy the moment and though you want a future with her, don’t make it so obvious just yet.



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