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10 reasons why girls never want to be with you – #6 and #8 could turn you to a Prince Charming

#7 She actually really likes you. She really likes you. In fact, she likes you a lot. This is a terrifying thought for many people. I mean, when you like someone, you open yourself up to getting hurt. And what’s the best way to not get hurt? To not see anyone or at least to keep things casual. If things get too serious and she sees herself falling for you, she’s out.

#8 You’ve become “soft.” Now, I don’t think you should become an asshole to try to keep her, this isn’t what it’s about. But she liked the chase and she liked that you didn’t always give her what she wanted.

7 ways to know if her bo*bs are FAKE – #7 tells it all

Now, you’re in love with her and you want to do nothing more than shower her with gifts, I get it. But don’t do it. Treat her well and treat her with respect but don’t throw in the towel and surrender yourself to her. She may be bored now that she’s getting her way all the time.



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