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10 reasons why girls never want to be with you – #6 and #8 could turn you to a Prince Charming

#9 You’re not giving her space. You clearly see that she’s pulling away. Instead of communicating with her or giving her space, you suffocate her. Which, I understand, you’re scared of losing her so you try to pull her back to you. But, by suffocating her with yourself, you won’t get her back.

You need to give her the space she needs since she’s clearly already in her head with thought. Instead of being in her face, talk to her.

#10 You’re not communicating how you feel. She may really be into you, but you’re not letting her know that you’re into her. So, why would she invest her time into someone who she can’t fully read? How does she know you’re into her if you don’t express it in some fashion?

She may be pulling away because she feels she’ll get hurt in the end. Now, it doesn’t matter if you really like her, she can’t tell if you do, so it’s the same as not liking her.

Now that you know why women pull away, don’t be so hard on yourself. Sure, what she did wasn’t nice, but she’s clearly not the one for you. So, be happy, you dodged a bullet.

By Natasha Ivanovic, Lovepanky

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