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20 most expensive houses in the world and their prices, owners – This list will blow your mind

#5 – One Hyde Park – London, England ($214 Million)

One Hyde Park is so luxurious that you have to share the property with three different businesses. There isn’t a McDonald’s and a Wal-Mart at the bottom of the property, though. Instead, there is a Rolex store, McLaren Automotive and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank on the property. Pretty swanky company to keep.

Construction got started in January of 2007 and wrapped up in March of 2009. There are multiple homes inside of the property and the developer himself lives in there. Also living in One Hyde Park is the Prime Minister of Qatar (Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani), and Rinat Akhmetov (a Kazakh businessman.) You know you’re in the big time when you can take an elevator from your living room to the Rolex store.

#4 – Henley Mansion – Berkshire, England ($218 Million)

The Henley Mansion may be in England, but it’s owned by a billionaire from Russia who spent $218 million to move into the beauty. The identity of the Russian has been kept private, but it’s been confirmed that he is an Oligarch in Russia. Perhaps it is the history that made the price so high, since the building is over 300 years old.

Even though it’s older than George Burns, the house has been renovated multiple times to keep it looking modern. It now has an entire spa, a movie theater, and even a helipad.
— Because it is assumed that if you can afford a $218 million, you can probably afford a helicopter to go with it. Seriously, though, this house is so old that King George II’s son lived there.



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