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7 things you MUST NOT do to make a guy like you – Ladies, see this now!

Oh, the lengths we go through to get a guy to like us! But how can we know which methods work and which ones make us fall flat on our face? Women are used to traditional methods of attracting men – methods straight out of Cleopatra and the Mata Hari’s handbook, that is. But men have evolved. They know how things work and when they are being played. Ladies, men are no longer manipulated by the traditional ways of seduction that has spanned generations. They still love the chase, but they’re not as determined as they were in the old days.


When a man realizes or at least thinks that they have no chance at a woman, they will back off.

Why would they think that? Because you assume that making them beg, jump through hoops and answer unanswerable questions will make them like you more than they already do.

Playing games never ends well. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high? Because people, both men and women, have a tendency to stray from honesty and sincerity – which is basically what anyone needs to make a relationship work.

What are the wrong things women do to make guys like them?

Women think that these things are effective because they used to be, and that’s where the problem lies. These methods are outdated. Men are now aware of these, because of its portrayal in popular culture. Even renowned scientists and psychologists are debunking these methods. Why? Because they get you nowhere.

#1 Reverse psychology. Admit it. You do this an average of five times a day with your man. You think that your tone gets through. The context is obvious. Your intentions are laid out on the table. But they’re not.

Men are simple beings who prefer that you say what’s on your mind before they get themselves into trouble. Most women think that admitting what they really want to say is a sign of weakness, but as I said, men are simple. They don’t have enough time to judge you, because they are focused on pleasing you by following EXACTLY what you say. 



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