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How Smartphones are ruining your conversations and life

Our smartphones have turned to our ultimate companions. These little battery powered machines can disconnect us from reality with just the touch of a button.It’s either you get carried away watching a movie, scrolling through your Facebook news feed, sending savage tweet replies and of course trolling once in a while. If doctors could check our heartbeat the moment we feel our pockets and our smartphones are not there, I’m pretty sure they’ll discover a new set of electronic impulses.I’ll be honest, my smartphone is my very good companion and unfortunately it actually turned me into an unapologetic introvert.


I’m sure there are a lot of people out there like me that find it easier to text rather than have a normal decent conversation. We all suffer from a common psychological disease – ‘’Nomophobia’’ – the fear of not being with our smartphones.Most times I try to ask myself a few questions and take some time to picture it in my mind. I think you ought to try it out. Ask yourself these 2 questions

What If Everything I See Today Is Just A Dream?

What If Life Is Just a Script and I will wake up to a totally different reality?
Imagine you dropped your phone on the table and woke up the next morning and you see a vintage telephone instead of your smartphone and the calendar in your room shows you the year 1975. You walk out of your room and your mum tells you that you were in a coma for so long. I’m sure you would wonder if you were in an apocalypse for years.
Slowly it dawns on you that your beloved smartphone won’t be anywhere around you because at the year you woke up it doesn’t exist. You would certainly question the reason for your existence.

I’m cocksure you won’t find it easy to adapt to a lifestyle without a smartphone.Instead of using Google you would need to use a library, instead of taking selfies you would pose for a normal black/white photo, instead of reading online gossip, you would read newspapers. Life would seem so boring without your smartphone when in fact life is actually fun without it at times.



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