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All you need to know about The Wedding Party 2 – You cant afford not to watch this epic Nollywood movie

It was inevitable that a sequel to last year’s The Wedding Party would eventually be made. The indicators were pretty obvious; despite a clichéd and uninspired script and being, for the most part, chuck-full of insipid hysterics passed off as acting and cheap gags and laughs from the patented brand of Nigerian comedy (that’s big on silliness than actual comedy), it achieved huge box office success.


It even dethroned the off-putting one-unfunny-joke-pony-stretched-to-a-feature-movie length 30 days in Atlanta as the highest grossing Nigerian movie. Then, there is the fact that this is Nollywood where sequels are more the norm than the exception.

So, what do you with the sequel to a Nollywood movie about a society wedding and the shenanigans associated with it? You do what Nigerian elitist purveyors of society weddings do in real life to set themselves apart from the plebeians; you make it a destination wedding!

As in a real life destination wedding where the wedding is more about the destination than the relationship of the couple, pretty much from the get go, you get the sense that not much thought was deployed to flesh out the relationship between Nonso Onwuka and Deidre Winston or even a backstory perspective.



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