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11 spot on signs that show she is a lesbian even if she tries to fool you – Take note of #10

#9 Flirty. You catch her locking eyes with another girl—and it’s not in the friendly way that you know women do with their friends. Hers is flirty and sensual.

At times, you even wonder that if were you not married and were instead just friends, she might stand as formidable competition against you over girls.

#10 Her circle. Another sign that you have a lesbian partner can be seen by the company she keeps. Does she have one, two, or more lesbian friends in her circle? If this is the case, then “birds of the feather flock together.”

#11 No appetite. For sex, that is. Since you’ve been dating, you have noticed that she’s not one for intimacy and sex in a way that you would expect. While she’s highly sexual, it seems to you that she’d rather do something else—anything else—than to sleep with you.

She just goes through the motions of having sex with you as your partner, but you have a gut feeling that she doesn’t really enjoy it.

You will know your suspicions are true of having a lesbian partner if many of the things mentioned above check out. But still, the best thing to do is to sit down and talk to her and be supportive and understanding.

By Natasha Ivanovic, lovepanky

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