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Simple test which shows if you’re in a good relationship or if it’s time to break up – You should see this now!

4. He has a good job.  

5. He’s financially stable.  

6. He’s intelligent. 

7. He’s romantic.  

8. He has a good sense of humor.  

9. He has no ex-wife or kids.

10. Gives compliments  

Negative qualities:

1. His lives too far away.

2. He has too many health issues.

3. He hardly has any friends.

4. He goes to bed much later than I like to.

5. He doesn’t like to travel.

6. He is a pessimist and is always preparing for the worst.

7. He suffers from severe OCD and anxiety.

8. He’s a homebody.

9. He doesn’t satisfy me in bed.

10. He wants to talk on the phone much more than I do.

11. We have serious political differences.

12. He brags about his ex-girlfriends.

13. He complains about other people too often. 

14. He is constantly talking about his problems.

15. He isn’t generous.

In the case of this particular woman, after writing her lists of both his positive and negative qualities, she read them back to herself and had a major revelation upon discovering she’d listed 15 negative qualities as compared to only listing 10 that were positive.

Next, I asked her to think of her top 10 priorities in life, and then to note whether or not he could help her fulfill them.



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