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A tragic story of a family that had three massive lions as pets – Don’t open if you’re too emotional (With Real Pictures)

One day the family arrived for another shooting in St. Petersburg city. They kept the lion in the school at nights, that was his a hotel for the time being. The movie people were trying be precautions: a special loudspeaker equipped car was circling around neighborhood and announcing that there is a lion in the school, so avoid walking around. And it all went fine, until one local student, who have heard the rumors about the lion went to see what it all was about, together with his girlfriend. They arrived to the school and the guy went inside the territory. He then spotted a lion in the window who was overlooking the street.


The student started play the ape behind the lion – showing him funny faces and then turning his back to the lion and bending down. Nina says that at that time the lion was staying with their assistant Sasha, who exactly in this moment went away to get some snack or pack of cigarettes from a store. Earlier those days they were training a lion for a scene in the movie when people play the ape for him and then he runs on them and puts his paws on their shoulders. Then he had to walk away – according to the screen play.

So this time the lion was already trained – he pushed the window glass and ran on to the dude. The dude was scared to the ground, so was his girlfriend waiting outside. She became shouting “Help!Help! Lion is tearing up my boy!”. Same moment there was a policeman walking back from his job. He has heard the shouting girlfriend and ran to them. When he saw a student on the ground and the lion above him he started shooting.


Sadly they couldn’t save the lion.



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