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All women must be aware of these sexual problems. #3 will blow your mind

 Sexual health involves the well-being of both physiological and psychological factors in women. In order to have a healthy sex life, a woman needs to follow a healthy lifestyle that does not involve too much stress, unhealthy food, and a problematic relationship.

Unfortunately, age also plays a factor in a woman’s sexual health. With age, numerous health conditions can develop in the female body, which leads to a lack of sexual desire and many other types of problems that may affect a woman’s sexual abilities.

Menopause is also known as one of the most feared conditions that every woman has to go through and may often kill her desire to have sex.

While studies tend to look at the effects of menopause on a woman’s sexual health, recent studies have started focusing on female individuals of all adult ages as they’ve found that certain sex problems seem to be present in both younger and older sexually active women.

According to Women’s Health Magazine, a recent study found certain types of sexual dysfunction to affect women as early as the age of 16. This causes concern due to the fact that the majority of studies look into sexual problems associated with women at the age of menopause and older:

1. Vaginal Dryness

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Vaginal dryness happens when there are lubrication problems in a woman’s body. This condition causes the vagina to become very dry, often resulting in painful sexual intercourse. It can also cause irritation during sexual intercourse, which causes sex to become very uncomfortable for a woman.

Healthy explains that a woman becomes wet due to internal lubrication when she becomes aroused before partaking in sexual intercourse. They continue to explain that when the body has problems with its internal lubrication process, the amount of lubrication produced by the body can significantly decrease. This results in vaginal dryness.

They also report that the issue seems to be present in both younger and older women, but the prevalence among older women are higher due to the symptoms and effects menopause causes.



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