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Alexx Ekubo likens Yomi Casual to a goat in this disturbing picture 

I don’t know if these things going on between Alexx Ekubo and Yomi Casual is a brawl or a bromance, but I’m thinking the latter though. It all started about last week when Alex Ekubo called Yomi a burnt offering, here is what he wrote Just take a moment & look at this Burnt offering called Yomi that is doing his face like lizard that licked lime, sometimes i wonder how i even pick my friends, how can 1 person possess blackness allocated to 6 people.

Yomi is so black he stepped into a jacuzzi & the water turned to coffee, Yomi is sooo black he bleeds smoke, Yomi is so black Sars shot him & the bullet came back with flashlights saying “i can’t find him”, Yomi is soo black he leaves fingerprint on Charcoal, Yomi is soo black when he goes out during the day the street light come on, Yomi is so black he was riding a bicycle & got a ticket for tinted windows, Yomi is so black after he was born, the doctor looked at him & said “poo happens”, Yomi is so black when God said let there be light, he turned to him & repeated i said “let there be light, that means you gotta leave”.

Again, Alex took another very interesting photo to Instagram of his throwback with a goat by his side and he called the goat yomi casual

He captioned it, “happy new year family, from @yomicasual and I”


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