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“I dated her for 8 yrs, never had sex with her, took care of her, after her MSc, she dumped me” – Man shares story

A couple of times, when bae resumed a new semester and Mr. I was still home, boss-man will take it upon himself to fuel his car and drive his woman to her uni, not only that, sometimes took provisions to bae’s siblings’ schools too. Mr. I was in love, so he just wanted to make her family members love him more.. Every guy who has truly loved, will know this feeling.. 

“Mans” was usually broke in school because of bae, you know, bae schooled in a private university and lifestyle was more expensive there. Of course, to please bae and make her family know he was man enough, Mr. I usually soaked garri in his hostel whilst he sent the food stuffs given to him by his parents to his girl.. Love nwantiti right?

Fast forward to his graduation, he got a job which wasn’t well-paying like that, but always made sure 50% of his salary went to bae’s account. Yes a whole 50%.. (It was at this point I literally started tearing up. A tear dropped from my eye and I am certain my friend saw this. If only he knew that I was tearing up because I couldn’t really fathom how “mans” was so in love that he forgot there is a difference between a girlfriend and a wife). Worst still is, he hadn’t even engaged her yet! Oh my gosh!!!!

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Well, love was still there (so he thought). All through the years of dating, spending, killing himself to please she and her family, he never for once had any sexual relation with her. Never for once, because she claimed to be a virgin. The best he ever got was a kiss.. A kiss bruh!

Fast forward to when she graduated from university, Mr. I threw a big party for her. Hosted over 30 people (friends and family). Spent close to N650K on the bash (Unbeknownst to his siblings, he borrowed a huge sum of money from his friends so as to make the party a huge success)… And a huge one it was (At this point I started thinking, If only he had engaged her at the bash he threw for her, maybe things would have turned out differently)… Well, who knows, right?

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