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“I dated her for 8 yrs, never had sex with her, took care of her, after her MSc, she dumped me” – Man shares story

Months after she graduated, he lost favour from his employers, so he was sacked. Things dwindled from his end so his usual 50% to his bae, stopped. 3 months after he lost his job, bae informed him she was going to study abroad, going for her masters’ program in Russia. (Funny thing is, she never told him when she even applied nor got accepted). Well, she apologised, he forgave and they were still chilling.

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Weeks later, it was time for her to travel, he dropped her off at the airport, they did the usual (kissed and bid themselves goodbyes right in front of her fam.. Yes, they were that close you know!).

Chatting, skyping, doing all sort of things, all these lasted for 3 to 4 months of her stay in Russia. Things became bad afterwards, communication not only dwindled but it dissolved, “mans” was no longer getting attention, “mans” was confused yet still going to bae’s house to help out in one or two errands for fam.

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To cut the long story short….. Few weeks before she was done with her programme, she sent a text, which read, “We can’t be together anymore, I am sorry.” …. That was all, 8 years and that’s all she sent. No explanation as to why she wanted to call quits. (Cold right?)

Mr. I lost it at this point, became severely depressed, in fact, he was almost going insane. He had to be on drugs. Severally tried suicide but luckily for him, his younger brother came to the rescue. He was eventually admitted in Lagoon for 5 weeks. This was the period bae came back. Bad thing is, she didn’t even bother informing him she was coming back and worst thing is, when she eventually heard he was hospitalised, she didn’t step her foot in Lagoon hospital.. A cruel world right?

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Right as we speak, Mr. I has been in and out of hospital, going through one or two crisis. He has lost touch of reality and become a shadow of himself, whereas Ms. I hasn’t bothered seeing him since she came back to Nigeria and in fact, is about to be wed in April 2018.

Love is a beautiful thing only and when it is true and mutual so children of the world, love with your heart, but use your brain!

PS: This is a true life story from a friend to be shared on TheInfo.NG.

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