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“I want to propose to my girlfriend of 8 years, but I don’t want to kneel to engage her” – Story of my life

Propose to my girlfriend : Hello TheInfo.NG, My name is Frank and I am an ardent reader of your blog, in fact, I am addicted. Not only do I follow you guys on all your Social Media accounts, I also share your contents. Your entertainment section is the bomb!

Let me hit the nail on the head!… I have been dating this wonderful girl for 7 years and 11 months now. We started in February, 2011. We first met at relative’s get-together in October, 2010 and in fact, I only got interested in her when a bet was placed by a friend, to see if I had the courage to not only get a good response from her but also to have a date with her and eventually “lash” her (Then, we were just boys.. (Yes, I was young, childish and very promiscuous).

Well, she was a 19 year old student of a private university, who came from a wealthy family, and of course like many girls in Nigeria born with a silver and golden spoon in their mouth, she was quite difficult, snubby and proud. But of course, I won the bet (YES), that same day, after walking up to her, I hit her!.. I hit her big time in my car (Yes keh!) and cashed away with 9k from my friend (then, that money was huge!

Fast forward to 4 four months, I got to see her again, this time, I was a bit mature, wiser, smarter and kind of looking for love.. Lol. We connected immediately, though she asked me why I never bothered relating with her for so long (Till now, she doesn’t know it was all a bet).. We started hanging out, texting more often, though she was in a serious relationship then, but she found me more appealing and better than her “then-boyfriend”

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