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10 signs that will let you know if your boyfriend wants to break up with you

How to know your man will break up with you: If your man has been the most dedicated lover and suddenly, he changes, there is something wrong somewhere and you should pay attention. If he starts doing things he never used to or begins to do things he never did, watch this, this change can be positive or negative. Most times, it simply means your man has his attention taken by another lady. Below are some easy signs to know your man wants an end to the relationship

1. He Flirts with other girls in your presence

Only he is stupid then he will know doing such will warrant a long break in the relationship. When  your man starts flirting with others while you can see either in person or on social media, its a clear sign he is done with you.

2. Frequency of Calls And Text Suddenly reduces

The one man who could not go a day without calling or texting three to four times a day suddenly is too busy to call or text just once a day, he wants you to be a man and end it with him.

3. He picks fights at every chance

He used to be the one who never paid so much attention to little things and would do anything to avoid a quarrel, now he picks a fight with you at any slight chance, yes, end of the line.



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