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8 quick and easy steps to ease your neck and back pain

Neck and back pain: Whatever the cause may be, there are many ways you can begin to address your back or neck pain at home, or by visiting a medical practitioner.

  1. Ibuprofen

Over-the-counter pain relief should be your first port of call when your back or neck is causing you pain, but it’s not serious. This is only temporary relief, though; and the cause will need to be addressed to banish your pain once and for all.

  1. Pillows

The way you sleep and even your bedclothes could be causing strain in your neck and upper back. When suffering from neck and back pain, choose a firm, low pillow (one only) and lay flat on your back. It might also help to place a pillow under your knees.

  1. Posture

Hunching to read your phone, slumping on the couch and having an improperly aligned chair and desk at work can all cause neck and back strain over time.

The best way to combat this is to consciously work on improving your posture – standing up straight, walking tall and holding your head up. Limit your time spent staring at computer screens and phones with adequate breaks during your work day.

Addressing your seating situation at work can also make a huge difference. Get a good quality, comfortable computer chair that allows you to adjust the height, recline and tilt. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed. Try to keep your computer screen an arm’s length away and your eye level at the top of the screen.

  1. Exercise

Regular exercise will strengthen your muscles and in time, hopefully help eliminate pain. Easy exercises to build your back muscles include gentle crunches, hamstring stretches and press-ups. Avoid toe-touches, sit-ups and anything that might put pressure on the spine.

Swimming and light yoga could do you wonders. Swimming exercises all the muscles in the body and provides a great core workout, while light yoga entails lots of gentle stretching which is great for relieving tight muscles.



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