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10 shocking things Meghan Markle had to give up after marrying Prince Harry – She can never be an Actress again (Photos)

6 She Had To Say Goodbye To Her Clothing Line

Meghan Markle is well-known for her unique clothing style, but she had to say goodbye to it because the royal family members have a strict dress code that all members of the family have to follow. In addition to that, Meghan also guest-designed a clothing line with Reitmans, but that is something she won’t be able to do in the future either. As far as the royal dressing code goes, it has to represent modesty and the clothes have to be elegant and classy at all times.

For example, the ideal length of the women’s skirts is knee-length; nude pantyhose are a must and Harper’s Bazaar confirms that the Queen expects all female family members and guests to wear them at all times; gloves are to be worn during the public events and Bustle explains how to wear them properly: “Wear them en route to the event, when shaking someone’s hand, standing in a receiving line, or dancing. You have to take them off when you’re eating (even if it’s just a quick canapé or nosh), and they’re forbidden at the dinner table. To take them off, you have to pull them off finger by finger, and then rest them on your lap underneath your napkin.”

5 Her house In Toronto

Obviously, when she decided to join the British royal family, Meghan Markle had to give up her home in Toronto. Telegraph reports: “Meghan Markle’s Toronto home, where she lived while she filmed for Suits, is now on the market. Ms. Markle rented the home and lived there with her two dogs while she was working on the television programme. The house has been put on the market after announcing her engagement to Prince Harry and her move to the UK, and it is on sale for $1.4 million. While she was dating the Prince, who came to stay with her, she lived in the three-bedroom home on 10 Yarmouth Road. The relatively modest home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a two-car garage. She decorated it like a Californian bungalow in order to make it feel like home; she grew up in Los Angeles but lived in Toronto for seven years to film the show.”

However, no matter how attached Meghan might have been to her Toronto home where Prince Harry visited her on several occasions, she had to give it up and she will have to give up her American citizenship as well. That is just the way things are when you become a duchess.



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