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10 shocking things Meghan Markle had to give up after marrying Prince Harry – She can never be an Actress again (Photos)

2 She Can’t Go Out Alone

All members of the royal family are surrounded by their security teams almost constantly so they have probably gotten used to it by now. However, Meghan Markle didn’t grow up a royal so she could go out whenever she wanted with whomever she wanted – and that has changed completely the moment she married Prince Harry.

Royal police expert, Chris Jagger, told to Us Weekly: “Since her relationship with Prince Harry went public, she has been under full protection. The British style of security is relatively low-key though, with her protection officers specially trained to blend into all sorts of environments. Whilst on official public duties with Prince Harry, she will receive a high-security escort provided by the elite Special Escort Group — a motorcycle escort team that will lead her motorcade through London, elegantly weaving through traffic like a flock of swans.”

If Meghan wanted to drive her car by herself, she would be allowed to do so but before that happens, she will have to go through a special training and she will have to have a police escort. According to Jagger, both Meghan’s mother and father will be provided with their own security teams should they ever attend any event alongside their daughter.

1 She Can’t Cross Her Legs

When you think about it, crossing our legs is something we all do without even thinking about it. However, when you are a member of the royal family, there is the right way to do almost everything— sitting included. From the moment Meghan Markle become Prince Harry’s wife, she was forbidden to sit with her legs crossed. Every woman in the royal family must keep her legs and knees together while sitting, but they are allowed to cross their ankles, which is quite a popular pose among the royals called The Duchess Slant.

However, Meghan had mastered this a while ago as People reported: “She’s perfected the royal curtsy, and now Meghan Markle has taken on the duchess slant. During her official debut alongside Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton on Wednesday, Meghan was twinning with her future sister-in-law on stage as the foursome highlighted The Royal Foundation. The duo were both implementing the duchess slant, a distinctive move, in which the knees and ankles are clasped firmly tighter and the legs are slanted to the side, creating a flattering silhouette. The unofficial term, first coined by Beaumont Etiquette, is named after the Duchess of Cambridge and her now go-to pose. Her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was also a fan of the pose.”


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