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15 shocking photos Kim Kardashian wants the world to forget – She will do anything to take down her s*xtape

4 The Floral Dress of Horror

Kim Kardashian hit the red carpet in New York wearing the most garish full-length gown over her huge baby bump and even went the extra mile by adding matching floral gloves and heels. The Givenchy gown was custom made for the star who at eight months pregnant was struggling to find anything attractive to wear, clearly.

Her overly matched and unflattering look went viral overnight. Even Robin Williams at the time tweeted a fun picture comparing his gown in Miss Doubtfire to the stars red carpet look.

3 The ‘Vampire Facial’

Anything Kim does her loyal fan base will do but this time she had gone too far and nobody rushed out to treat themselves to a matching blood facial. The procedure lasts 90 minutes and costs a whopping $1300 for one treatment and has won over other stars such as Bar Refaeli. Thanks to Kim’s over sharing the treatments popularity are up by 800%.

So how did she get this look? Four syringes of her own blood would be put in a centrifuge (that’s a rotating science kit for us normal folk) which helps to separate the plasma from the red blood cells. The blood is then injected into the face to keep you looking youthful and plump. The scientific name for the procedure is Platlet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP.

2 Those Pregnancy Feet

There are two things that don’t mix well; being heavily pregnant and wearing high fashion but this was never going to stop Kim Kardashian from squeezing her swollen feet into her heels and getting on with the day job of looking fabulous.

She tweeted this picture of her poor suffering tootsies after removing some patterned stilettos and the world was left wondering why she would want to see herself through this unflattering torture.



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