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10 signs that show you may die early – Watch out for number 6

We’re all going to die. You could be struck by a disease or a speeding bus. Lifestyle choices, along with environmental factors, can lead to an early death. Seriously, you won’t believe these terrible diseases you could have without knowing it.

But we can do many things to buy ourselves more time. And you can look for several signs to gauge whether the reaper is on your trail. If the following signs apply to you, death may come knocking sooner than you’d like. The symptom on page 13 is especially alarming.

1. Where you live

Your geographic location can have a big impact on your health. If you live in certain parts of the country, for example, you may be more prone to certain cancers or cultural influences that may lead to heart disease. There are a lot of things that can impact life expectancy. Pollution from industrial activity, the length of your commute, or even the prevalence of natural disasters all have an effect on your expiration date.

2. You are constantly breaking bones


If you’ve broken your arm, you don’t necessarily need to worry. But if you’re breaking bones consistently after a certain age (say, your mid-40s) that can be a red flag. Specifically, it can be a sign your bone health is decreasing and you’re getting physically weaker. This can cascade into other issues like arthritis and limited mobility, which can impact your overall state of health.

3. Swelling and inflammation

Experiencing constant, consistent swelling and inflammation in your joints and extremities should be yet another red flag. There are, of course, many reasons that you may experience inflammation. But if it’s a chronic problem, it can mean your cells are dying and your body is actively deteriorating. If your joints, ligaments, and other body parts are swollen constantly, seek medical care.



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