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10 signs that show you may die early – Watch out for number 6

9. Chronic fatigue

Always tired? It may be an indication that your metabolism is in flux. It can also impact the amount of exercise you get and your appetite. There are a lot of reasons why people might be tired all the time, and it might even be a serious disorder like chronic fatigue syndrome. That alone can be fatal. And if you’re finding you’re always exhausted? You might want to see a doctor and determine if it’s a symptom of a greater problem.

10. Pauses in breathing

If you’ve noticed changes in breathing patterns, it can be a sign that something is off. Specifically, if you or someone you know ceases to breathe for stretches at a time — either while awake or asleep — take it as a warning. This is common with people who suffer from sleep apnea, which can be fatal if not properly handled, says WebMD. Look for breathing pattern changes, and be wary of them.

By Sam Becker, cheatsheet

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