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12 reasons why Dubai is the best place to live in luxury – Number 8 & 11 is the reason Yahoo Boys will do anything to travel there (With Pics)

Do you really think you can imagine what life is like for some of the richest people in the world? You probably have a few guesses, but after you finish reading our list, you’ll come to realize the things you couldn’t imagine even in your wildest dreams! Dubai is a synonym for luxury and all the things pricey, to put it mildly. Thanks to the social networks, more and more people are able to witness the lavish lifestyle, and probably feel a bit envious in the process. Since people generally have the tendency to gravitate towards the rich centers, 85% of the Dubai population is foreign. Most of them are employed to be making the richer even richer, but there is a fair share of the wealthy, too, as you shall find out later.


This is just one of the unusual facts about the life in Dubai, and let’s face it. The more money a person has, the more incredible their choices and routines. After all, the very core of Dubai is completely insane. Isn’t that basically a city built in the middle of nowhere? And what a city it is. The rich certainly adore living there, so let’s take a closer look and try to get to know them. Who knows, maybe you’ll encounter a rich sheik on your next holiday, so you’d better know a thing or two. We mainly focused on the lives of traditional Dubai millionaires here.

12 Water and dine

Since Dubai officially isn’t too keen on alcohol consumption (to put it mildly), we’ll focus more on the meals. Rich people are just people, and they have to eat, too. It’s just that they’d rather go to one of the posh restaurants. Zuma, La Petite Maison Dubai, Ossiano, Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire Dubai, TOMO, Al Hadheerah – these are the very best dining places. No matter what cuisine you enjoy, you’ll find it here. In addition, the interiors are simply stunning. So versatile, and so impressive. (Source: FlashyDine)

11 Work hard, party harder

Even though we’ve mentioned water and dine, that doesn’t mean the whole of Dubai is intolerant to alcohol. On the contrary, Shirley Temples aren’t the favorite drinks at lavish parties. Supposedly, only foreigners are allowed to drink alcohol, but the parties are kept quite private, and there are plenty of out-of-this-world venues for them. There’s the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Island, with 21 restaurants. Cavalli Club screams luxury, and boasts superstars as its guests, such as Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez, while Cirque Le Soir Dubai certainly lives up to its name. (Source: ScarlettEntertainment)



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