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12 reasons why Dubai is the best place to live in luxury – Number 8 & 11 is the reason Yahoo Boys will do anything to travel there (With Pics)

2 Transport is easy

You’ve all seen the famous photo of a car being transported by a helicopter. Indeed, if you’re in a rush, it’s better to avoid traffic jams and have your car delivered to you. Also, this is done outside of Dubai, though not by helicopter. A big part of the elite love their rides so much they can’t stand rentals, so the only solution is to hire the neighboring Qatar Airways, for instance, to transport the cars. Probably to London. (Source: TheDailyBeast)

1 They love investing in nearly impossible ventures

What else would you call it? It really makes one wonder who on Earth had the idea of creating a tropical rainforest in the middle of Dubai? An indoor one, of course. Or how about floating villas? There are lots of them available. Skiing in Dubai? No problem! You can do it in a shopping mall! What about rafting in the desert? Perfectly doable. The more weird, the more appealing it is to them. Obviously, they take great pleasure and earn insane revenues from bringing these incredible ideas to life. (Source: TheGuardian)

Source: TheRichest

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