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12 reasons why many iPhone users are switching To Android – See how to use your Android & make iPhone users jealous (With Pics)

It’s one of the most dynamic and argued topics of our time. It goes beyond the iconic NSYNC and Backstreet Boys debate and even the question of Batman vs. Superman. Now, the question that seems to reign supreme is, are you Team iPhone or Team Android? While iPhone users have no problem making fun of proud Android phone owners when it comes to aspects like text messaging (the green bubble vs. blue bubble is an argument in itself), the Android is actually a better phone for several reasons, which is why many are making the big switch from iPhone to Android. Yes, the iPhone has the stigma of being the phone for the elite while Android users continue to get flack for sticking by their favorite device. Still, after doing a bit of research, we’ve discovered a whopping 25 reasons Team Android is actually winning after iPhone users have crossed over to the other side. From a more affordable price to its comparable operating system, the Android is certainly nothing to scoff at if you ask those who have made the switch. There are more than a few factors listed here that make an Android phone quite the appropriate rival for the beloved iPhone and all things Apple.


12 Better Navigation System

As stated previously, while iPhone offers Google Maps for free, the navigations system on Android is much more efficient according to research. Considering Android’s partnership with Google, it’s safe to say while Apple’s virtual assistant Siri can seemingly do all things, one thing she can’t do is use Google Maps. While Apple offers its own maps feature, it doesn’t seem to be a strong contender against Google Maps. It might be safe to say iPhone users that have switched prefer to have a more efficient navigation system.

11 Has A Stylus

While many iPhone users utilize their phone for business as much as pleasure, the lack of the stylus is a key reason that caused many to appreciate everything the Android has to offer. Even though Apple attempted to provide a similar service with the Apple Pencil for an iPad, you’ll reach a dead end if you want to use a stylus like feature (other than the capacitive stylus which is pretty much like using your finger) for the iPhone. iPhone users clearly noticed this when they made the switch to Android.

10 Better Storage

Okay, we have to address another elephant in the room. While iPhone has a better camera, the storage for iPhone is not the best. A majority of iPhone users have had the moment where they try to capture an unforgettable moment on camera only to be told they have no more storage. Their next step is to try and delete any seemingly non-important apps in hopes of making room or buying more storage. All of this is solved on the Android with Google Photos, that not only gives you unlimited storage, but offers it for free.



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