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Top 10 Nigerian Universities with the most beautiful girls 2018 – IMSU takes the #1 spot as always (Photos)

Nigerian Universities with the most beautiful girls: We all know that Nigeria is a country filled with Beauty, Princess and most bootylicious queens ever. We’ve even got Queen Slayers on Facebook, or how do they call it now? Slay Queens, right? The truth is that Nigerian Universities house the most beautiful girls, almost every one today wants to get a University degree, so all Young girls do want to go to School. However, the truth is that every University in the country is blessed with beautiful rose flowers. But there are some Universities that has More beautiful girls than others.

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In this highly researched article from friends in the 130 Universities of Nigeria through Social media, including both Federal, State and Private Universities) we came to conclusion that these 12 Universities has the Most Beautiful girls when calculating the average numbers of Beautiful girls in each campus.

10. Anambra State University (ANSU)

The Anambra State University (ansu), which was previously known Anambra State University Of Science And Technology, has some of the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. The girls in Anambra state looks very Beautiful and are very classy too. The Anambra State University was first established by law No. 13 of 2000 by the Anambra State Government, and has a 2-Campus structure. However, in every different campus University, there is always a main campus. The main campus of the University is located at Uli.

While the second campus is located at Igbariam, which is situated and located in the former site of the College of Agriculture. The law which established the University phased out the State Polytechnic and the University inherited its assets and liabilities.

The Anambra State University (ANSU) is practically filled with blessed and classy ladies with pretty figures, which you surely won’t mind waking up to every single day, including when going to sleep at Night.



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